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Why Dating Deliberately

Dating Deliberately is a service for professional busy people who are serious about meeting a Screened, Aware, Groomed and Earnest (SAGE) life partner using a sophisticated process of relationship coaching and personal introduction.

Shelley Lewin is a counsellor in private practice and professional coach (The Relationship Architect) who is already transforming the lives of her clients looking to create loving relationships. In this venture, she will be assisting them further by introducing them to other 'SAGEs'. Her training and experience as a relationship coach qualifies her to prepare individuals for meeting and entering into meaningful relationships - something that this industry has until now, been missing.

The Relationship Coaching for Singles has two purposes:

1. The process assists you to become prepared and skilled for meeting and creating a healthy love relationship. Preparation includes looking at attitudes, choices and patterns of behaviour that are not working for you in creating loving relationships. Skills include the practical elements of dating as well as understanding the relationship competencies required for sustainable partnerships.

2. The process allows Shelley to get a very clear sense of her 'SAGEs' and who will be an appropriate match for them. It takes profiling to a new depth, which allows her to match clients with more than just preferences for height, weight, education, common interests, etc. Clients are aligned on core values and 'non-negotiables' – information which is extracted throughout the process.

The THREE Part process is paid for separately. No dates equal no payment:

STAGE ONE: Relationship Coaching For Singles to become a SAGE
STAGE TWO: Optional External Make-over with celebrity stylists
STAGE THREE: Life Time Membership on Dating Deliberately Database

International dating expert David Wygant says:
"Right now you are single. And you're thinking to yourself, 'I just want to get a DATE.'"

But you're not thinking about the future...

So what happens if you get this date and all of a sudden she/he likes you?

Do you know how to KEEP her/him once you've got her/him?

You don't want to start dating somebody and then start researching how to make relationships successful. By then, it's too late.

You plan ahead so when you meet her/him you are prepared to romance her/him and make her/him yours!"

Self worth is like a garden. The most inspiring, lovingly nurtured garden gives the most pleasure and attracts the most butterflies. Consider the analogy of potential partners being as tricky and transient as butterflies. Two strategies become available for nurturing butterflies: we can either build big nets and chase after them, but remain fearful of losing that perfect butterfly, or we can develop a lush garden that attracts countless butterflies, feeling confident that at some point the perfect butterfly will find its way to us. People with self worth don't need big nets to catch butterflies. They grow an attractive garden.

Creating a blossoming garden is equivalent to creating value. When you develop and recognise the value you have to offer, you naturally attract prospective partners. When you fall in love with yourself, you will see how easy it is for others to find and fall in love with you.

The Dating Deliberately experience is a proactive choice for single men and women open to creating a lush garden in order to attract more butterflies. Or rather, an experience for those who recognise the importance in developing their own value in order to attract and become a quality partner. The architecture of relationship teaches us that the quality of the relationship we have with our self determines the quality of the relationship we have with others. Investing in yourself is the best way to guarantee a superior partner.

The Dating Deliberately process will ensure you don't waste time with someone who is unwilling or unable to speak the language of a healthy, sustainable relationship.

If you agree with the statements below, Dating Deliberately is PERFECT for YOU:

  • Meeting a life partner is a priority for me
  • I am not sure of the best places to go to meet quality, potential partners
  • I would prefer to prepare myself for a healthy relationship rather than repeat patterns that do not serve me or my relationships
  • I would like an experienced relationship coach who is qualified to help me grow and invest in myself in order to become a valued partner
  • I would like someone who understands how to build sustainable and fulfilling relationships, help me assess potential in a prospective partner
  • I am looking for a confidential service and value quality over quantity
  • I am highly selective about the people I go out with and am willing to wait to be introduced to someone who meets 80 - 85% of what I seek in a partner

If you AGREE, call your Relationship Coach, Shelley on +27 (0) 82 829 7972 for further details

Coaching and how it can help you:

In this 5 min. video clip Liezel van der Westhuizen interviews Shelley on the National TV show eXpresso about coaching and the advantages of seeing a relationship coach.